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Financial Freedom June 13, 2017

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I began reading Suze Orman’s book after I filed my taxes for 2016.  One of the two biggest things my ex and I would “fight” about was money.  He wanted to spend it and I wanted to save it.  I would go nuts when he would “borrow” money from our savings to cover bills until pay day when he would put it back.  It was a very ugly cycle.  One that I am happy is broken.  I have begun following the principles in Chapter 3 of her book 9 Steps to Financial Freedom.  I write everything down.  Everything.  I bought a 1.39 worth of bananas and yes wrote it down.  The money may seem like a very small amount but when I have 2 dollars until pay day, that dollar purchase is a huge deal.  I have begun analyzing where I spend most of the money I make.  It is at the grocery store.  Some things I cannot help but purchase.  Fruits and veggies are non-negotiable.  I need them in my house.  They are staples in my diet.  Chicken, fish, and turkey however, I am learning to buy when it’s on sale or walk away if the price is just too much for me.  I try to spend around $10/week in meat.  Eggs are much cheaper and I can make meals stretch using them.  I do not need $5.99 almond butter when there is an alternative for $3.29.  When I have more money, I splurge on the almond butter because I get it “life is short” and I want to enjoy the foods I eat since I spend most of the day eating.  Working two jobs requires a lot of energy.

The other thing I am considering is switching cable companies.  Dish has been sneaky with their pricing and has added $1 to each of my bills for the past two month.  Think I don’t notice?  I do.  I’m waiting to see what it is all about before making a move.  I have done my research and am just waiting to see what the next move is.  I just got a new dish as the other one was knocked out of satellite range after a bad storm.  I don’t owe Dish anything for their service and there was a nice man who came and hooked me up with a new dish.  But the bill is just too high for someone who only watches the games on the weekends. Verizon is another company I am looking to leave and again just when I get one bill straightened out, something else happens and I am on the phone another two hours trying to get an issue corrected.  I have X-finiity’s rates and am again just waiting to switch over.

My credit card was paid off a few months ago.  I am honestly so proud of doing this.  Prouder than I thought I would be.  I had close to $5,000 on it and paid it off chunk by chunk.  I am never going back there.  The next big thing I will have paid off is my car.  Only 7 more payments.  This is also a very freeing feeling.  Then my student loan.  Bit by bit I am learning to allocate funds to make them work for me.  I am putting more away into my savings than I have in a long time.  This time it is staying put.  I am putting the money that I would be using to pay off my credit card toward paying off my student loan.  16 more payments and it’s paid off.  This motivates me very much.

I know my dad would be very proud of the decisions I am making.  I am learning I have plenty. I am learning to buy only what I need.  I am learning to eat all the foods I have left in the house before buying more.  I learning to go without some things for now, because I know I will be able to buy them later.  Having a full tank of gas is not necessary all the time.  Half a tank will get me where I need to go and then I can add more.  In the summer I drive less and ride my bike to the gym which is more savings.  I am learning to juggle which bills to pay when.  I have found the inner strength to not turn on the air conditioning when there is a super hot day.  I know the next will be cooler.  We are currently in a three day stretch.  Today is day three.  I made it.  I know it will be hotter for longer this summer and I know my will is stronger than any ray’s of the sun.

I am very grateful for my ability to analyze situations and make the best decisions for me. I am grateful for the ability to reflect and think about what I am best using my money for.  Please feel free to share any money saving tips you have.  I love learning and enjoy multiple perspectives on things.


Boot camp week 1 June 12-16 June 11, 2017

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With the end of the school year, brings another season of summer boot camp!  Personal training is the job that never feels like a job.  Well, during the school year I do run short of patience but members keep coming back to class and I catch up on sleep on the weekends.  Now that it is summer, I focus on my energy on giving people the best fitness experience whether it is at the gym or with Confidently Fit LLC.

This summer I have some new, surprises for members of my boot camp classes to try. Eatnutzo has generously donated some pretty yummy products for boot campers to try.  In addition to the samples, members will also receive hard copies of all the workouts and all the advice they need to have a healthy summer.  I will be throwing in some recipes too.    Be sure to follow the fun on Facebook @Confidently Fit LLC, Instagram and Twitter @carolpsu.  Thanks for following along:)


Well hello March 31, 2017

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I started this blog almost five years ago.  It is amazing to me how much things change and how different things are in my life than they were five years ago.  To say that I am not the person I was when I was 33 is an understatement.  It is also a pretty awesome and amazing thing.  I am so proud of the person I am and the decisions I have made in my life.  My life is pretty awesome and just keeps getting better.

I have been through a lot of loss over the past year.  Loss makes a person reevaluate things, puts things into perspective, and makes you pay attention to what is going on around you.  The first of my major losses was my marriage.  As a result of my marriage ending, my sister turned her back on me and did not talk to me for over a year.  She did not want to see me when my nephew was born.  Things between us are still not resolved.  It seems she is content to not talk about them.  That does not work for me. The last major loss I suffered was the untimely death of my dad.  My dad was my buddy.  I love my dad very much.  I miss him every single day and find so much comfort knowing he is watching over me because I see his signs every day.

Because I have endured so much loss, I embraced a whole new chapter of my life: getting back to my roots.  I went back to the person I remembered being before I got married and before I became ChrisandCarol.  I became Carol.  She is just as awesome as I remember, just as fun, and as I mentioned getting better and better each day.  The first major thing I did was get back to church.  I was going to a church when I was married and found that it was not a match for me.  Their values were much different and I was not getting any positive messages from the sermons.  The church I go to now is awesome.  I am involved in the Sunday School class and take notes during the sermons so I can review my notes when I make connections.  I have begun daily Bible readings helping to get my mind right for the day and looking again for any connections I can make to the events going on in my life.  The best resource I have found is Draw the Circle: 40 Day Prayer Challenge.  I am going to begin it a third time after Easter.

One of the next things I did was slow way down.  I literally stopped in my tracks the day my dad died.  I immediately looked at where I was spending my time and what I was doing with my life.  I was way too busy and way too on the go.  I began to slow way down.  I focused less and less on the clock and began paying more attention to who I was spending time with and what I was doing with my time. Trivial things no longer bothered me or got to me.  I lost interest in trying to “fix” things with my sister and just let her be. I have learned that fixing any relationship takes two. One person cannot do all the work.

The most recent thing I have done to heal is take a class on mindfulness .  This class has done the most amazing things for me.  My eyes have been opened even more to patience, forgiveness, compassion, and moving forward: direction.  I see my purpose as an educator and know where I want to go.  I know I will get there in time.  I know the steps I need to take and I am so grateful for all the experiences that led me to taking that class.  It is just the beginning of a whole new, even more badass me. I love myself very much.  I am stronger than I ever imagined I could be and I keep being empowered by the knowledge I gain.  I get more clarity for my purpose every day and I am so excited where the future takes me.   By starting this blog up again, I am going to journal my experiences of overcoming a tremendous amount of loss that would send most into a tailspin of destruction.   Instead I chose to rise, thrive and climb.  This is beginning of a pretty incredible ride.  Thanks for joining me.


Boot camp update July 16, 2014

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More supplies rolling in:)

Justin’s Almond butter in Honey and Classic.

Quest Bars in Cinnamon Bun

Artisana Almond and coconut butter and coconut oil.

I also got my Square Reader so I can now accept credit cards as well as cash and checks:)  2014-07-14 13.48.36 2014-07-15 14.58.17 2014-07-15 15.44.24 2014-07-15 15.54.44


Stay tuned for more:) 


Boot camp happenings July 14, 2014

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Supplies have been coming in!  Thanks to some awesome companies:)  Boot camp is still a few weeks away, so if you’d like to train before camp here some times this week I can meet you.

Monday PM only

Tuesday your choice of times

Wednesday your choice of times

Thursday your choice of times

Friday PM only

We can train wherever you like.  $20/ hour.

Quest Bars and Plant Fusion rock!  Visit: for your two free bars today!









Cookies N Creme and Vanilla:)  YUM YUM!


Busy as a bee July 5, 2014

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Yesterday was a rare opportunity for me to go to work with my husband.  Usually I do not find his work interesting enough and I end up falling asleep while he drives.  Or I end up seasick from all the starting and stopping he does as he drives from field to field looking for bugs.  Yesterday, when he told me he had “just a short run” of 10 fields.  I said I would go along.  He looked for bugs and I busy plotting.  

I bought an LLC in January and recently bought insurance so that I could do personally training on my own.  The school that I was teaching fitness classes in during the school year, did not want anyone in it over the summer due to the cleaning schedule.  I get it, everyone is busy and has their job to do.  So I did the next best thing and bought insurance so I could work with the teachers on my own.  They mentioned prior to summer break they would be interested in training over the summer.  The idea of working with my colleagues snowballed into a much bigger idea, running a boot camp right before school starts.  So I am in the early planning stages of this event, which I am hoping will not be the last because it has been a blast to plan so far.  I really hope everyone likes what I have planned:)

In the mean time, gotta stay busy as a bee to make everything perfect.  Oh and here’s some pics from our adventures from yesterday.



Emma’s Birthday July 4, 2014

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Back in March, I posted my fitness buddy Bella was turning nine.  She is still as playful as she was when we got her as a puppy, just a little grayer.  Today, my other fitness buddy Emma turns nine.  She is still as playful, but her tolerance level for my nonsense has gotten much smaller.

Some pics of my other favorite pup.

Here’s to another nine more!