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Busy as a bee July 5, 2014

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Yesterday was a rare opportunity for me to go to work with my husband.  Usually I do not find his work interesting enough and I end up falling asleep while he drives.  Or I end up seasick from all the starting and stopping he does as he drives from field to field looking for bugs.  Yesterday, when he told me he had “just a short run” of 10 fields.  I said I would go along.  He looked for bugs and I busy plotting.  

I bought an LLC in January and recently bought insurance so that I could do personally training on my own.  The school that I was teaching fitness classes in during the school year, did not want anyone in it over the summer due to the cleaning schedule.  I get it, everyone is busy and has their job to do.  So I did the next best thing and bought insurance so I could work with the teachers on my own.  They mentioned prior to summer break they would be interested in training over the summer.  The idea of working with my colleagues snowballed into a much bigger idea, running a boot camp right before school starts.  So I am in the early planning stages of this event, which I am hoping will not be the last because it has been a blast to plan so far.  I really hope everyone likes what I have planned:)

In the mean time, gotta stay busy as a bee to make everything perfect.  Oh and here’s some pics from our adventures from yesterday.



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