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April Food Pen Pal Reveal April 30, 2014

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Time again for another Food Pen Pal reveal!

My pal this month was the lovely Traci from Ohio.  She is a teacher also so we spent quite a bit of time chatting about school and “counting down the days.”  She did a fantastic job getting together the perfect box for me:)  She sent me a questionnaire about foods I liked and would be interested in trying.  She also sent me some local treats to try.  



Included in the box was some apple cider tea, which I cannot wait to try:)  Two different types of rubs from a local farmer’s market.  I did not take a photo of the chickens we grilled for Easter, but I did use both on each of the chickens.  Yum yum!  Mexican spices and Mexican chillies were both not very spicy but added lots of flavor to our birds.  I also had some of the chili powder on some popcorn.  The 100 calorie packs of natural walnuts and almonds was a new to me find.  These are not available in my area. Justin’s maple almond butter is super yummy and I love all of his products.  These samples were poured over some protein pancakes and some Artic Zero Ice Cream.  The coconut oolong tea was so delicious!  I first tried it on Easter with some Paleo waffles.  It tastes just like candy!  Sweet but not too sweet, lots of coconut flavor.  I have been enjoying a cup after school as a pick me up:) Speaking of up pick-me-ups, the chocolate Traci sent was delicious.  A solid dark chocolate bar and an Easter bunny were the perfect treats to add to my box.  I shared the bunny with my dad who loves chocolate as much as I do:)  Traci also knew that I love Quest Bars and she happen to send me my absolute favorite kind, even though I really enjoy all the flavors.  Cookies and Cream is the best and I was happy she sent it:)



Traci also sent some info about two of the places she got her goodies from.  The tea and bunny came from this shop.




The solid, dark chocolate bar came from this shop.  




She also sent a very sweet note detailing all the treats she sent!  Such a great pal!

Thanks again, Traci! 

To participate in the foodie pen pal exchange check out this link:

To check out what I sent Traci and to see what she’s cooking up, visit her blog at: