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March Foodie Penpal Reveal March 31, 2014

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Today is the big day!  Revealing all the treats from my very sweet foodie penpall, the lovely Amber.  When I emailed Amber to tell her I was her foodie penpal she was just as excited as I was!  Neither of us had participated in the exchange before so we were both anxious to get started on our planning and shopping.

She did great!



Spring theme card complete with a recipe for a new paelo meal for me to try!


Here’s what I made, slightly modified.Image


I used the sliced almonds to make some trailmix instead.


All the goodies:) 



I used the walnuts to make some yummy pancakes on a snow day!


Thanks so much Amber for being a great pen pal!  

Interested in participating in April’s Foodie Pen Pal?  Here’s the link:






Bella’s Birthday March 4, 2014

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Nine years ago we got the most wonderful, adorable pup.  Just don’t tell Emma:)




Can’t get mad at that face, even when she chews a hole in her bed.  Real nice, Bella:) 


Emma left her alone for the most part today.  Except when she photo bombed her pic:) 


Tired out birthday girl!


You make 9 look good, pup:)


Another Snowcation

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I love snow days.  Total freedom.  The only schedule I have to follow is one I create.  This is our third multiple day break from school due to snow.  Looks like we are into the last week of June now.  Oh well at least then it will be nice out and not so cold that I need to wear everything in my closet to stay warm.  

On to something more fun:) 

Recent yummy eats:



Ground turkey stuffed peppers with cauliflower rice on the side.  This recipe is from the 21 Day Sugar Detox cookbook.  



And this is part of my breakfast today.  Sweet potatoes with coconut oil.  

Both are simple recipes to follow and take very little time to prepare.

Workouts for the week:

Sunday 5 mile run (who am I? I cannot remember the last time I ran 5 miles.)and abs

Monday: at home Tabata circuit from Pop Sugar (gym closed)

Tuesday: another at home circuit (due to icy roads our morning class was cancelled) possibly spin tonight

Wednesday: SWEAT class if the weather allows or at home circuit and personal training (If the weather allows)

Thursday: SWEAT and spin

Friday: SWEAT

Saturday: spin and personal training