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Patience February 18, 2014

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I have discovered I have very little patience.  I cannot wait for things to happen.  I think my lack of patience comes from my years of teaching.  My patience gets used up throughout the day and then when the time comes for me to do something I really want to do, I want it now.  I often chuckle to myself when a cashier comments on how much patience I have.  There is nothing I can do but wait when the woman ahead of me with three screaming kids has to empty her cart, yell at said children numerous times, discover she has forgotten an item, sends the oldest to go get it, and then wait for the cashier to bag her groceries.  Growing up I would have been grounded for a week had I caused a spectacle in any store, not helped my mom at the grocery store, or caused my mom to forget an item on the list.  There is nothing I can do when a doctor is running late for my appointment.  Who knows what they were just dealing with.  There is nothing worse than hearing, “the doctor is running late due to an emergency.”  My first thought is I really hope everyone is ok.  

I have discovered patience with my workouts.  I have injured myself more than once pushing through one more mile, one more jump, and one more hour.  It is just not worth it any longer.  If I want to see gains and progress, I have to be patient.  

Staring at the phone to ring, willing it to ring, does not make it ring.  

Perhaps I should approach more things like I approached the treadmill Sunday:


cover it up so I can’t see it and then be surprised with the results.

How do you deal with a situation that requires patience?  Anyone ever felt that being patient was over rated and tried being more aggressive? 



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