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What a whirlwind January 26, 2014

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A “snowy disturbance” hit our area this week.  Monday we had no school due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Tuesday we had an inservice which was cut short due to the weather.  We were closed the rest of the week.  I believe we will head back “business as usual” this week.  Joy.  This means we will be in school until June 16th.  We have used all our snow days.

At least I had some fun entertainment while I was on my staycation.  Our neighbors decided to take their children sledding:)

Looking forward to getting back into my routine this week at the gym.


Sunday: sprints and abs

Monday: spin and lift

Tuesday: spin and SWEAT and my boot camp class

Wednesday: spin and SWEAT and my boot camp class

Thursday: spin and SWEAT

Friday: run SWEAT and abs

Saturday: spin

Also looking forward to my hours at the Y.  Picked up another member for personal training and have a few wellness consultations.  Hoping for a smooth, quick week!


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