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:30 March 14, 2013

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What can you do in 30 seconds?

I can:

*do 12 pull ups with a band

*Rock the rower, sprint, bike

*do 15 squats with #45

*do 15 of most TRX exercises

For most of my students :30 is a really long time.  For me, watching them during testing it was a painfully long time.  Some struggled to finish before the timer went off.  For me, at the gym, I try to get one more in before the timer goes off.   I am sure this is similar to what my students feel.  I love it and enjoy the rush of pushing myself.  I am sure my students do not.  I am sure they dread the last :30 that they have to work on a timed assignment.

Do you live for the last :30 or dread it?


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