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WTF Janitor Part II March 30, 2013

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I love going to the gym, but there are some really strange things that happen there.  People say the most random, often times insulting things, they do weird things, and sometimes they do inappropriate things.  Like today.

The janitor, who this post is about, is the same janitor who told me last year around this time “to stay away from chocolate.”  Because he is in tip top shape…NOT.  So today my fitness buddy and I were going about our merry way, when I told her I needed to swing into the locker room and empty my sinuses.  I LOVE SPRING:)  She decided to fill her water bottle at the fountain…bad move.  While she was there the janitor was cleaning.  He was listening to his Ipod and took one of his earbuds and put it in her ear.  She said it happened so fast so could not react.  Yeah, that is so not cool.  WTF, janitor?  Stick to mopping the floor, please.


More fun in the sun! March 20, 2013

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My hubby and I were lucky enough to get the pups out again this past weekend.



:30 March 14, 2013

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What can you do in 30 seconds?

I can:

*do 12 pull ups with a band

*Rock the rower, sprint, bike

*do 15 squats with #45

*do 15 of most TRX exercises

For most of my students :30 is a really long time.  For me, watching them during testing it was a painfully long time.  Some struggled to finish before the timer went off.  For me, at the gym, I try to get one more in before the timer goes off.   I am sure this is similar to what my students feel.  I love it and enjoy the rush of pushing myself.  I am sure my students do not.  I am sure they dread the last :30 that they have to work on a timed assignment.

Do you live for the last :30 or dread it?


Ode to State Testing March 12, 2013

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Really?  Seriously?

I thought teachers were supposed to help students.

No help? Don’t answer any of their questions?

Goes against my teaching philosophy honestly.

Became a teacher to help, not watch those who can’t struggle.

Please don’t let time run out, he’s almost done.

Wait! Don’t make all that noise in the hall…

Great, she just lost her train of thought.

Yes, I can repeat that for you.  But not for you, you, or you.

Too many rules.

Say this now, take a break now.

And for what?

A score?  Which means?

Some test is going to try to say that I am not a good teacher.

Please.  I do things others wouldn’t even try.


Garden Party Part II: Coming Summer 2013

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A View from My Weekend

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My hubby and I were able to get the pups out Sunday.  Beautiful day!  They had a great time fetching sticks from a shallow pond and running through fields.  ImageImageImage