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The Fence January 24, 2013

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Yes! The humans finally went back inside. I have to get to my new digging spot. They never think to look back here. The other spot I had was so close to the house. No wonder they found out. Rookie mistake! Back here, though. Ha! They will never find me.


Just a little further….I’m out! Oh this is great! Wow! What’s that smell!? So different than out front. This is more like something yummy, like that meaty stuff the humans eat. I think it is called chicken. Out front smells more like Emma’s butt.


I wonder if I can find some of my friends out here. Black lab, where is he? No one to stop me from seeing him today:) Beagle, he might be out. I’ll take a run around and see who I can find.


MEANWHILE back inside the house.


“OHMYGOSH! Carol will be home soon! I have to find her!” Running to the truck, the man stops in his tracks.

“Wait a second! She didn’t!” He walks to the back part of the fence suddenly remembering that he had seen her spending a lot of time back there lately. And there it was. A huge hole under the fence. Large enough for a Chesapeake Bay Retriever to slip under.


The man runs to the neighbor’s house on the other side of the fence. “Have you seen my dog?”

“Yes she was very friendly. She was just running by here.”

“OK. I will keep trying to find her.”

“So will we.”

Running up and down streets, yelling for Bella, the man finally spies her in another neighbor’s yard.

She sees her owner and immediately puts her head down. Her ears go back and she knows she is in trouble. Knowing if he yells he will scare Bella away, the man calls for her to come over to him. She comes running, mouth open, tongue hanging out, tail wagging.

“Bella, you scared me to death! Don’t take off again!”


When they get back to the house. The wife is just pulling up into the driveway. The man has just finished filling in the hole and putting a bag of rocks in front of the place Bella was digging. No need to take any chances, he thinks. The man greets his wife in the driveway.

“You’ll never guess what happened today.”

The wife thinks yeah neither will you.

The man retells of his adventure running through the neighborhood as Bella stands between the tail wagging waiting for her next chance to sneak away.