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Elementary Vs Middle September 3, 2012

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This school year I am in a brand new positon for our county, ELL teacher. There are 5 ELL teachers currently in our county servicing a large number of children. I am working with 4 schools this year. My goal is to be as organized as possible so that I can help both students and staff. I will be working in 3 elementary schools and staying at the middle school I have worked in for the past 9 years.
For the students at the middle school, they were confused as to why I was in their science class and social studies classes. They were wondering who was teaching langauge arts and in my room since I was with them. At the elementary schools, the students were asking if I was a helper or a substitute. They did not understand why their teacher needed a “partner” teacher (as I was calling myself).
Even though there were different conversations occuring at the schools I noticed one very clear thing that all the schools have in common. Yes, all the teachers work VERY hard to make sure everyone is learning the most they can in a short amount of time. Yes, all the teachers are trying really, really hard to do a good job. The students really are the same. They learn the same way in elementary and middle. They act the same way in elementary and middle. I am finding I am talking the same way to 3rd graders that I talk to 8th graders. The same types of students exist in both places. There are students who don’t pay attention, they are constantly one activity behind. There are students who are helpers. There are super smart students, who know the answer before the teacher can ask the full question. There are jocks. Football players wearing their uniforms to school in third grade. There are very social girls who whisper in the coat room. It is very interesting to make these observations.
I love my new position. I love that I see many commonalities between the schools. I also hope that some of the behaviors change and that some studnets take a different path before the head to middle school. It will be interesting to see where all the students end up five years from now. I wonder how many will still be super smart, helpful, athletic, cheery, social, and lagging behind.