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The bandana made me do it August 15, 2012

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Bella becomes super hot when she wears hers attracting all the dogs in the neighborhood and Emma gains super powers!

Away I go!!! Off on another walk! I wonder what adventures I will get into! I hope I don’t get drug down the sidewalk or pulled too hard to keep up.
What’s this? This magic badana has given me the power of super smelling! I smell a cat! I know it’s in this bush! I must get to it! I race as fast as I can into the bush!
Yikes! The woman is screaming because I cut her off and ran head first into a bush! Great now she’s telling me I am a bad dog and that I am all dirty. The man who is out mowing his grass stops and stares. What!? No I don’t want to go live with him, are you crazy! Look at that yard! It looks terrible compared to ours.
Oh well. Bella just got a bath. Guess I will have to get one too.
A bird! It’s so pretty!
I love walking! I love stopping and sniffing all the trees and fire hydrants! I love telling Bella to come smell stuff so that she gets yelled at too!
YES! A pitbull! She’s new! I must go say hi!!!!!! I strugle against the woman. Good Lord when did she get so strong. I saw her showing off her muscles last night to the man, but good grief this is nuts. I can’t go anywhere. I MUST GET OVER TO HER AND SAY HI!!!!!!!
WOOOOAAAAAHHHHHHHHH In super slow motion Emma is pulled from the street back across the sidewalk and into the neighbor’s yard.
I flew far!
The woman is right in my face. Yikes, she is scary!
“Bad dog.”
Geeze again? Usually Bella is the bad one.
The pitbull was going crazy too, but the woman does not want to hear me back talk her.
We continue on our walk home. I did it now. Only Bella is getting “Good dog.”
When we get home the woman embarrasses me like crazy!
She makes me parade up and down the driveway staying right by her. I try to get away and she yanks my leash tighter.
Too bad tomorrow she will have to do it all over again because everyday I forget what I am supposed to do.


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