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The bandana August 12, 2012

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When football seasons starts the bandanas come out! There is a Penn State blue one and an Ohio State red one. Two rivals, just like Bella and Emma when they wear them.

Bella (ok this is more like Shaniqua): HAHA! Look at me in my blue bandana! I am so cute! All the dogs in the neighborhood are going to want to look at me! I can just hear them now “Hey girl! Shake your tail! Are you free later? Wanna come play in my yard? I hope that black lab is out later. He is so cute! Oh but his beagle brother is also cute. Decisions, decisions….

Emma: YEAH!!!!!! I LOVE THIS BANANA! Oh wait, it’s a bandana. ANYWAY! I LOVE HOW SOFT IT IS! I can’t really tell what color it is but the woman tells me I look good in red! I think it’s red! I’m Emma and I love my red bandana!

A few hours later:

Bella: Finally I get to go for a walk and strut my stuff! I wonder who’s out today? Yes, it’s the black lab! Look how tall and thin he is! “Hey boy! Lookin’ good!”The black lab: “Hey girl! You are lookin’ fine in that blue bandanna! Why don’t you ditch that leash and come over here?

Bella: “Well I can’t because I already got in trouble once today. I rolled in some really smelling stuff in the backyard. The woman had to give me a bath. The whole time she kept telling me I was a bad dog. I don’t really want to make her mad again so I will try to come over a different day.”

Black Lab: “Man, screw her! Who does she think she is? You look like a good dog to me.”
Bella: “I really don’t think I should today. Even the man was upset with me. That rarely happens.”
Black Lab: “Ok find suit yourself. Just remember where my yard is.”
Bella: “Ok. See ya.”

Back at home:

Emma: Look at all the attention I am getting. All because of this red cloth! I had my picture taken so many times. The man and woman were laughing! This is the best day ever! It is a little itchy around my neck but I feel so cool wearing it. I feel almost like a superhero.
Bella: Wow. If I have to get my picture taken one more time. You would think the woman would have gotten the hint when I had my eyes squeezed shut the last time. This bandana makes me so hot. Literally, I pant and pant when I wear it. I can’t wait til I get to take it off. The man is afraid I will eat it in when they go to sleep. That is a great idea. I just might.


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