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Bella and Emma August 11, 2012

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Terrified of thunderstorms, tolerates my nonsense on a small scale, whines to be let in or out, eats birdseed (I tell people she is on a Paleo diet), excellent guard dog, hates to be reprimanded, Chris’ dog, possessive of toys, loves walks, takes forever to poop, gets called “beautiful”, pants relentlessly, could eat nonstop, turning gray-thanks to Emma, likes to have her ears scratched

Goes with the flow, hogs the backseat, never gets to play with any toys-thanks to Bella, tolerates my nonsense much more than Bella, eats produce from the garden, chases birds in the backyard, loves her frisbee, has to walk to poop, clueless most of the time, follows Bella’s lead, my dog, wants to play with Bella desperately, likes to have her butt scratched

Both are the best dogs in the world!


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