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Things I Think About August 7, 2012

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During the school year:
*Is my lesson plan really on my clipboard for tomorrow?
*Being observed.
*How are the kids going to act?
*What if we have a fire drill?
*What if someone barfs?
*How many kids will ask me to use the restroom?
*What if they refuse to work?
*What if they all fail?
*How long is our Christmas break?
*How many parents will I have to call?
*Am I going to have to call that parent again?
* I hope I have enough energy to go to the gym tonight.
* I wonder if I have any clean gym clothes.
*Should I take a class this summer?
*Should I get a job this summer?
* Am I going to make it to summer?
*Does it ever get any easier?

During the summer:
* I wonder how many dog walks I can do today.
*Should I go to the AM or evening gym class?
* I think I already wore that outfit to the gym this week.
*If I watch both these Netflix movies today and send them back when will I get two more?
*What Netflix movies do I want next?
*How many instant Netflix movies can I watch before I am labeled a couch potato?
*I wonder how red that watermelon is going to be when I cut into it.
*I hope this corn doesn’t have any worms.
*Are we going to be able to eat all this squash before it goes bad?
*How many ways can one eat zucchini?
*When are those tomatoes going to get ripe?
* I hope the dogs don’t eat all the veggies in the garden.
*Am I going to get to PA this summer?
* I hope I can spend a lot of time hanging out with friends.
*Life really is too short to contantly be worried about the little things.
*Wow, there are really not enough hours in the day.


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