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Pup Letter August 6, 2012

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Over the weekend Chris and I made a very quick trip to PA to celebrate my gram’s 90th birthday!  We threw a surprise party for her.  She had no clue that something was up.  It was great to see everyone and the look on her face especially since I told her I didn’t think we’d be able to make it up this summer.

Since we were out of town, two of our friends agreed to watch Bella and Emma.  I wrote a letter to them from their point of view.

From Emma:
YES!!!! YOU”RE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting all day!!!!!!
Did you bring Remmy, Indy, and Mia??
Wanna play frisbee? Wanna throw the ball!? Can I get in the pool??
Oh and I get two cups of food at night and one and half in the morning.

From Bella:
Hello Uncle Woodard and Aunt Kerry (not sure if she came with you or not)!
Thank you so much for coming to take care of us while the humans go to PA. We didn’t really want to go this time. They were only going for a day, there is no aircondiontioning, and we would have to stay in our crates! Are you kidding me? We would rather stay here. Even if I do have to stay by Emma all day. It is better than trying to fight her for space in the truck. She takes up the whole backseat!
My pills are on the dryer. If you forget to give this to me twice a day my hair will fall out. I hate this pill but I don’t want to end up hairless. I also get two cups of food twice a day. If you forget and give me more I will tell no one. Oh and there these biscuits the woman keeps hidden on the top shelf. She thinks I am going to eat them all at once or something. Can we please have some?
Thank you!

From Shaniqua (Bella’s alter ego):
Yo peeps!
The food is next to the door. Give Emma 2 cups at night and 1 1/2 in the AM.
I get 2 AM and PM. Give me more if you want. The man is worried I’m losing weight…please. I wanna look this good forever!
I also get that damn pill twice a day to keep my hair from falling out. Tastes like shit but I want to keep my hair even though it’s turning gray.
We both get a hip and joint pill. Whatever, the woman thinks it works.
Oh and if I could get some time away from Emma that would be awesome! She is driving me nuts and turning my hair grayer.


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