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WTF Janitor August 4, 2012

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Every morning I go to the gym the janitor is at the door to greet me. He is mopping or vaccuuming the floor. Once while he was vaccuuming I trpped over the cord that ran across the mat inside the door. Thank God I did not fall that would have been quite the scene. He always wears his earbuds and sometimes sings along with whatever he listening to. I always apologize to him as I walk across his freshly mopped floor. He always smiles and tells me not worry about it. He really is a nice guy.
Today on my way out I saw him walking in with another patron. He must have been showing him something outside. It’s not unusual to see him outside. He was out there one day helping the crew who is renovating one of the offices connected to the gym. It is going to be a new Zumba studio! Can’t wait til that room is ready!
On my way out today I held the door for him because as I said before he is a nice guy and I am a decent human being. Unlike some of the patrons who let the door close in my face. I must look like a weakling, a bitch, a snob,…ummm it can’t have anything to do with the fact that some people are just rude. No, that’s not it. The janitor smiles at me which he often does and then he says, “Have a good weekend! Don’t eat any chocolate!” So I passed him and was quite puzzled. He has never made a comment like that that I have overheard before. Was he trying to impress the guy who was with him? Was he just trying to be funny? I am sure I was over thinking his comment, because I let some things people say get to me.
I have no idea what was going through his mind when he said this, but I thought it is a good thing I am a pretty stable person. If I had an eating disorder this might have triggered an episode for me. If I had low self-esteem I might think that I was fat and he was concerned that I might not be able to walk through the doors the next time I came in. Instead I just walked away wondering what made him say that. I could have been really mean and said something like “watch where you walk, your floor is slippery when wet.” Or “don’t trip over your vaccuum cord and fall head first into a treadmill.” But, I didn’t because I am a nice person.


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