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Health and Fitness August 2, 2012

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I love the fact that I crave high intensity workouts. There are times I am done with my workout and have nothing left to give. I think to myself how I am going to walk the half mile back to my house? I am dripping wet with sweat and the stress of the day leaves my body. Throughout my life I have always been active. From the age of 5 until this year I took dance lessons. I loved that my Saturdays in middle and high school from 9-12 were devoted to tap, ballet, and jazz. I also played softball, basketball, and soccer. Practices each night were 2 hours long and then there were the nights that I had games. How I managed school plus all the athletics is beyond me.
Now my Saturdays from 9-11 are devoted to the gym. There are also times like Tuesdays and Thursdays I am able to squeeze in two hours during the week. I am sure there are people who think I am a nut because of the amount of time I spend at the gym.
Throughout my life I have also had many viewpoints of what healthy is. For a long, long time I thought the skinnier someone was the healthier they were. Of course I know now this is not true. I would much rather out lift, run, Zumba anyone than be too weak to do any of those exercises.
On my way to the gym last night, a little girl rode past me on her bike. She said hi to me and I said the same back. She then told me she was on a diet. I said “Well you don’t need to be.” I think this comment startled her because she did not know what to say in response. This girl could not have been older than 9 or 10. I felt really sad for her that she felt she needed to be on a diet. I wondered what made her think this. Did someone at home make a comment to her? Did a classmate or a “friend” make a comment to her? I also wondered what else besides riding her bike she was doing on her diet.
When I got to the gym I over heard a woman telling her friend she was disappointed with a spin class she had taken. The instructor was not pushing the class because she was going to run after she taught the class. I thought to myself what type of example is she setting for the class. I know the woman could have easily cranked up the intensity on her bike, but still to have a slacking instructor is not exactly motivating. There are two instructors that I follow. Meaning I take all the classes they offer. I have even received personal training from one of them. Both of these women are very motivating and willing to push us. I have been taking their classes for awhile so they also know they can push me to try harder.
Last night one of the Zumba instructors was absent so we had a sub who teaches another night at the same gym. Her class was not nearly as challenging as the woman who normally teaches. Yes, I am aware that I should incorporate some low impact days to keep my IT bands happy. But, when the instructor is huffing because someone requests a song to dance to, it’s not exactly motivating. I found myself having an attitude during this class. Seriously? I go to the gym to relax and have fun. Not sure why I was getting so frustrated probably just because this routine is not what I am used to. This experience also made me realize just how much I love high intensity workouts.
I am sure my taste in fitness will change as I get older, but I am going to enjoy every minute of the fitness I currently do in the meantime. It helps that the fitness instructors that I really enjoy are my age. What they do, I can do too. Hopefully I will be able to enjoy my days in the gym for many years to come.


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