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Shaniqua’s World (Part 3 of 3) August 1, 2012

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Some time ago Chris gave Bella the nickname Shaniqua when she was behaving like a diva.  She was probably walking around with her nose in the air or trying to steal a Nyla bone from Emma.  This is what it’s like in her world.

Shaniqua’s World

Finally Emma has settled down. Now I can get my beauty sleep.

I am not getting any younger, only grayer.  Thanks, Emma.

When the woman tries to feed us:

Emma, you better stop that jumping!  There is no need for that.  Don’t you know she is not going to feed us because your ass is in the air and not on the ground?

We do this every day, duh!  Plant it!

What the hell is with this pill?  Don’t they know I hate it.  I choke it down every day.  STOP PUTTING IT IN MY DISH!

When the woman tries to walk us:

Emma, seriously I am thinking about breaking your legs.  Stop the jumping!  I wanna go as much as you but you are really starting to piss me off.  Knock it off!

We finally made it outside.  I never thought we would make it.

Emma needs to stay home next time.

(“I’m Sexy and I Know it” starts to play.)

Now, which cute dogs are out here today?

Oh look the beagle!

“Hey, boy! How you doin’?”

“Hey, black lab!  Lookin’ good!”

When I am inside trying to relax:

Who the hell is walking past my house?

What do those dachshunds think they are doing?



*Shaniqua once made a cat throw up on our front steps because of her ‘tude.

When I am in the backyard:

Emma, seriously you need to get a life.

That damn frisbee is stupid.  Leave it alone.

No one even threw it to you.  You just run around with it in your mouth.

I am going to lay over here in the shade.


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