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Bella’s World (Part 2 of 3) July 31, 2012

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Bella’s World

Ahh, here I lay.  Finally Emma found a different spot.  She always has to lay by me.

The carpet is itchy on my fur.  I would really prefer to lay on the couch.  I learned my lesson the hard way when I tried to get up there.  I was terrified I was going out on the curb!  Yikes.  I always get that threat.  I hope it never happens.  I don’t think the man would let it.  They used to let me up on the other couch but not this one.  I don’t know why.  I also can’t find my chair anymore.  I think both went out on the curb!


Now I am right in the middle of all the action.

Look here come the humans.

Whoops the woman almost tripped over me.

Oh well the amount of time she spends at the gym you would think her agility would be better than that.

Yes, the man stops to scratch my belly.

It feels so goooooood  there goes my leg pedaling my imaginary bike.

He has found the spot.  WAIT, why did he stop?

Time for that beverage that makes our house smell yummy.

I think I’ll go lay by his chair now.  Now he’s on that magic thing that he types on.

I know I’ll stick my head in between his hands and the buttons.

Oh fine, he’s pushing me away.  I guess he is busy.

Ok I’ll go find the woman.

She eats really interesting things.  Maybe I will find a crumb.

Better not get to close though.  Last time I got too close I got yelled at.


When the woman feeds me:

I have to stay out of Emma’s way.  She jumps so high.  The vet said she is losing muscle in her hips.  I guess she never saw her jump for her breakfast.  Oh good the woman looked at her.  That got her to stop.  I just want to eat.  Hopefully Emma will stay on the floor so I can eat.  Eww…every time I forget about this pill.  They say it keeps my hair from falling out.  I don’t care it’s still gross.  I remember one time I pretended to eat it and really spit it out on the floor, and the woman came and shoved it down my throat!


When the woman walks me:

I sit and I wait.  Emma jumps around again.  I am always waiting for her to behave.  No wonder I am gray.  The leash goes around my neck and away we go.  I remember when I would go alone with the woman.  I got so many treats.  Now I don’t get so many.  I think it’s because of Emma.  Oh well I now just mosey along and try to keep up.  Emma makes it hard though because she likes to stop and sniff everything.

I usually get roped into sniffing at least one or two things and then the woman gives us the look.

I don’t want to make her mad so I try to stay close to her.

I better pee, ow guess she didn’t see that I wasn’t with her.


When I am outside in the yard:

Now I get to have some fun.  I will have Emma be my lookout so I can sneak into the garden and eat some yummy treats.  Oh brother she is always running around with that frisbee even if there is no one there to throw it for her.  I just stay out of her way.  Sometimes the woman throws the frisbee and it gets to close to me.  I get scared that it’s going to hit me!  I run with my tail between my legs and usually the woman laughs at me.

Stay tuned for Bella’s alter ego, Shaniqua.


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