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Emma’s World (1st in a 3 part series) July 30, 2012

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One of our assignments for the ESWP was to write a piece and then write from another’s point of view.  This is what it’s like in Emma’s world.  Stay tuned for Bella’s world.

Emma’s World

I am waiting for the humans to get up!

Are they up yet?

Why are they sleeping so late?

When the humans finally wake up:


They feed me, walk me and play with me!


Oh boy just the thought and my tail starts going a mile a minute.

Is it time to play yet?

Are we going outside yet?

Can I go see the tomatoes yet?

Wait my back itches….ahh that is better.

Oh wait, where did the humans go?


When the woman feeds me:

TIME TO EAT!!!!!!!!!!!

YES!  WEEEEEE  I jump as high as the ceiling!  Oh no, the look.  Ok I’ll sit.

I just love food so much! I can’t wait to have the first bite.

Please hurry up already!!!!!



When the woman gets me ready for a walk:

TIME FOR A WALK!!!!!!!!!

Oh boy, oh boy!

I jump as high as I can again!  I am so happy!  I love walks!!!!

I get to see birds and cats and other dogs!  I get to sniff the grass and pee at every curb!!! This is the greatest!!!!

Oh no it’s the look again.  Ok I’ll sit.  Yes, I want to go, are you crazy!  Hurry up and put the leash on!!!!! I am sitting as still as I can.  I can’t help that my tail is moving or that my back legs are barely touching the ground.  I wanna go!!!!


When I am outside in the yard:

A bird!! I love birds!!!!

My frisbee!!! I love my frisbee!!!

Tomatoes!!!!!!!! I have to get in the garden!

A squirrel!!  I love squirrels!!

Bella!!!! I love Bella!!

The humans!!!!! I love the humans!!!!!!!


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