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Gym Attire July 29, 2012

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I am a rainbow every time I go to the gym, no joke.  Rarely do my clothes match.  It’s bad.  Maroon shirts find their way on top while pink socks show up on my feet.  Seriously, I have made that choice more times than I would like to admit.  Yesterday, however my neon yellow shirt, gray capris and neon yellow laced gray sneakers all matched.  I didn’t realize the nature of my actions until I made it all the way to the gym.  Based on my observations, people don’t wear bright colors at the gym, and I tend to wear a lot of different colors (not all at once) so I unintentionally stand out any way.  I made the mistake once wearing a pair of light purple sweat pants.  Not only was I chastised for wearing sweat pants, which I didn’t read in the by line of the gym contract that they were a faux pas, but that the color drew attention to me.  One of the ladies commented that she “would never wear a color that drew attention to myself.”  Really, well I love all the attention on me right now with my bright red face because you decided to open your mouth, thank you very much.

I pretty much decided after that conversation, I really didn’t care what I wore to the gym and I really didn’t care what people thought of my clothes.  I get a lot of compliments on my sneakers.  I don’t buy them to be a fashionista rather I buy them for the purpose they were meant for-cross training.  No one compliments my 10-year-old t-shirts (they are from my Y days, and yes they have the year 2002 on them).  Even my husband makes fun of me for continuing to wear them past their prime.  They suit their purpose and I am comfortable.  Half the battle right?

When I show up for Saturday’s Body Pump class in my neon yellow/gray combination, no one made a comment to me.  Did I stand out?  Probably.  There was another girl there with bright lime green shorts, but she had on a black tank top and black sneakers.  I didn’t realize the nature of my actions until Zumba time.  Our instructor decided to turn on the black lights, which she does at times.  I lit up like a Christmas tree.  Oh great this is going to be awesome!  Then the real ass kicker.  She announces that today is National Dance Day and we are going to be videotaping a new dance routine.  How did I get so lucky?   So away we go struggling to learn the new steps, at least we were able to practice a few times before taping.  Just when I start to forget about how matchy I am, one of the ladies says “well I think you are going to be the only one who is visible on that tape.”  Lovely.  I could not think of a witty comeback.  She had a point.  At least most of the choreography was accurate so the viewers of this tape won’t think I am a lost member of the Blue Man group.

So will I wear that outfit again, probably.  If people want to stare, let them.  If people want to make comments, let them.  I go to the gym to sweat, have fun, and push myself.  If I happen to match while I am doing all this consider it a bonus, but trust me I don’t put much thought into what I am wearing.  It just ends up soaking wet any way.


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