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Always Waiting July 28, 2012

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When Chris started his new job, the pups were pathetic.  They would sit and stare at his chair, lay on the deck and stare at the gate, and pace waiting for him to come back.  Thankfully they have settled

Sitting by the chair you always sit in.

Staring, wondering when you will return.

Laying where your feet would be if you were here.

Outside they sit by the fence waiting for the door to open.

When the tires run up the driveway they race to the back door begging for it to open.

Suddenly the whining starts, the yelping, the sounds that make me wonder if they are inured or just really excited.

The gate door opens and they leap into the air.

Jumping, trying to reach the top of your head.

They calm enough for you to pet them, greeting them after being out in the hot fields all day.

They run around your legs.  It’s amazing you don’t trip.

Up the stairs of the deck and into the icy airconditioning.

Finally relief for all.


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