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NC Beer Bottle July 27, 2012

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The inspiration for this post came from a prompt during the ESWP.  We were to write about an object that had been used.  I thought back to a vacation we took a few summers ago with a bunch of friends.  We rented a beach house in Carolla, North Carolina.  There were ten of us and lots of drama.  One morning Jill and I woke up to see smashed glass everywhere out by the pool.  We never did figure out exactly what happened, but here is one interpretation.

The NC Broken Bottle

The Night Before

This is awesome!  I’m getting passed around.  Everyone is laughing and telling funny stories.  I really enjoyed the one about the girls playing Scrabble.  They always have so much drama.  My friends and I are getting a chance to chest bump regularly. The tall guy finishes drinking me and sets me on the rail.  The next thing I remember is a flat piece of rubber knocking against me and the screaming.

AHHHHHHHH!…and then there I was…and there I was…and there I was.

What the heck happened?  At least I still have the ability to think.  That piece of rubber sent me end over end over end and onto the hard surface next to the pool.  I thought I would end up with a knick taken out of the top of me, but I think some of me actually ended up in the pool.  The girls are not going to like that.  I hope no one tries to swim before they look into the pool.  Hopefully no one will get pushed into the pool tonight.

Here I lie waiting to be swept up.   Judging from all the laughing and slurring it’s going to be awhile.  Great.  I end up as smashed as they are.

The Next Day

Geeze that sun is hot already! My label is starting to peel.  My bottle is beginning to reek of skunky beer.  I just want to be swept up and disposed of properly.  Instead I lay here suffering for everyone to see.  I feel so vulnerable and exposed.    When will someone get up and take care of me?

Oh, yes I hear footsteps.  Oh no I think it’s one of the girls.  I strain my broken neck to try to catch a glimpse.  Ok at least it is the blonde and the one with the ponytail.  If it was the other one I would leak all over myself and try to scrape together some pieces so I don’t look so bad.

After they assess the situation they grab the broom and start sweeping.  The pieces in the pool are going to have to wait.   I climb up on the dustpan and then ride the slide into the trash bag.  I fall in between last night’s chicken bones.

The chicken bones greet me with a grunt as I land on top of and around them.  I also notice pieces of a broken bowl that sliced the girl with the ponytail’s leg open.  I really think she was overreacting a bit.  Seriously who has a panic attack over a scratch?

“Wow.  What happened to you?”

“Fell from the deck rail.  All three stories.”

“Ouch.  Sounds like that hurt.”

“Yeah who would have thought that a little push could cause such damage.”

“Well at least you’re safe here with us.”

“The ordeal is over but I have a feeling I am going to have nightmares for awhile. The falling and the screaming.  I just can’t get the images and sounds out of my head.”

“Well the music might help you take your mind off things.  These people sure are wild but they do have good taste in music. Once it starts playing you will forget about all your problems.”

“I hope you are right.  For now I am just happy to get out of the sun.  I was really starting to stink out there.”

“Good thing you ended up in here.  We all stink.”


The guys were up pretty late drinking and having fun.  The next day they had a golf trip.  It was an exciting round to say the least.  When we got home Chris’ clubs went right to the garage.  A few months later he was getting ready for another round of golf.  While he was cleaning his bag out he discovered a banana.  He explained that he put it in his bag the morning of the golf outing in NC but ended up not eating it.  Thankfully he did not eat it that day either.


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