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Musings from the gym July 27, 2012

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I love going to the gym.  I will often spend hours at a time at the gym.  It is my stress release.  However there are times when my stress level increases slightly when other members feel the need to make comments to me.  I keep to myself when I go to the gym.  Occasionally I will say hello to someone or make small talk with the girls who take the same classes I do, but never do I comment on what people are doing or not doing.

Account #1

I had just run 4 miles and went to the gym to take a strength training class.  After class was over, the Zumba instructor along with her class filed in.  Typically I do take this class, but since I ran I felt I had enough cardio for one day.  One of the girls who I have taken Zumba with before sees me getting ready to leave.  She says “Oh are you cheating today?”  I said “No.  I ran before I came to strength training.”  She just kind of looked at me.

What I was really thinking:

Who the hell are you to judge me?  You have no idea what I did before I came here, nor do I owe you any explanation as to why I am leaving “early.”  Mind your own business!

Account #2

I was taking a strength training class in the AM since we had a day off school.  Typically I work out in the evenings but when I am off school I go in the mornings.  I find the classes are equally packed and wonder what all the AM exercisers do for a living.  During one of our sets of exercises the woman next to me has to stop because her weights are so heavy.  Ok, I think to myself whatever.  I am lifting weight that is appropriate for me.  I am not trying to injure myself here.  The next thing I know she is flashing the weight to me to show me that she had to stop because the weight has a higher number on it than mine had.  I just kinda nod my head to indicate I have seen her motion but really want to get back to my work out.

What I was really thinking:

WOW!  Way to go wonderwoman!  You couldn’t finish the set because your weight was so heavy.  Are you proud of yourself?  Last time I checked this was a gym class not the Olympics!  Who gives a shit what you can lift or in your case can’t.

Account #3

After Zumba one Saturday one of the girls I see in the class comes over to me asks me if I am attending a fundraiser the gym is participating in.  I said “No, I didn’t plan to.”  I honestly just didn’t feel like it or spending an afternoon with her.  So she says to me, “Ok well I will facebook you and then if you change your mind we can go together.”  I said “Oh I don’t have a facebook page.”  Well you would have thought I dropped an F-bomb in a church the way she looked at me.  When she came back to Earth, she says, “Oh well do you have a phone?”  Holy shit! This just keeps getting better and better.  Seriously?  I said, “I don’t have a facebook page because I am a teacher.  I don’t want my students searching for me, even though they do.  They tell me all the time they look for me, and yes I have a phone.”  Well as soon as she heard that her whole tune changed.  “Oh yeah, I wouldn’t have a facebook either.”  She went so far as to explain to the people near us that I didn’t have a facebook page because I am a teacher.  I really wanted to tell her to get a life.  Needless to say the next few times she saw me at the gym she didn’t say anything to me.  Oh well, no loss there.


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