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Carol’s Musings-an Introduction July 27, 2012

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I created this blog as a spot for me to creatively explore the world of writing I have recently rediscovered through the Eastern Shore Writing Project.  I am a 33 year old gym addict who eats a little too healthy and loves my dogs a lot too much.  I am married to you guessed it, my best friend.  We have been married for 7 years.  We have had many fun adventures that I am sure will be posted in the near future.  For now I  want to introduce you to my pups.  Bella is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and Emma is a Yellow Lab.  They love to look for and eat fresh veggies in our garden.  Keeping them out is often a challenge.   I am pretty sure this is what it’s like when they are hanging out outside.

Garden Party

Ever so quickly they venture to the edge of the plastic fence.  They peek back to make sure the humans aren’t looking.

“Now Emma, just like last time I am going to need you to be the lookout.  This time I really need you to try harder to let me know if someone is coming.  Especially if it is the woman who walks and feeds us,” says Bella.

“Ok,” replies Emma already staring off at a bird on the power line.

Bella slips under the fence making her way to the bounty that awaits.

“Finally!  I get to chow down on as many squash as I want,” yells Bella.

As the munching continues Emma loses interest in the bird.  She decides she wants in on the veggie action.  Just as easily as Bella got into the garden, Emma does the same.

“I love the smell of the tomato plants,” says Emma as she rubs herself against the leaves grass staining her yellow fur.

“Yummy.  All these veggies are so delicious,”  Bella says between bites.

A few minutes later, the husband and wife begin to wonder where their dogs are.

“Have you seen the dogs, “asks the husband to his wife.

“Have you checked the garden,” replies the wife raising an eyebrow.

The husband and wife walk over to the fence only to see leaves rustling.  Suddenly a yellow head appears followed by a brown head.


Immediately Bella obeys, tail between her legs.  She walks over to the man who feeds her crumbs from his sandwiches and these really yummy, crunchy, round biscuits and begins licking her lips removing any evidence of her actions.  She begins to slowly wag her tail in circles trying to earn the man’s praise.

Meanwhile Emma continues to look for more treasures to devour.


She continues to munch away while the wife examines Bella’s grass stained eyebrows.   The wife takes her fingers and tries to smear the stains away.  No luck.  Hopefully they will fade within a few days.

A crunching sound from the leaves redirects their attention.


Finally a yellow lab emerges from the large green leaves.  Grass stains run along the right side of her body.  It looks as if these two were trying to camouflage themselves.

“Come on out.”  She walks over to the fence, leaves dangling from her mouth, and pushes her way through the fence.  She abandons her tasty treats until she can outsmart the humans again.


We have plans for a much bigger garden next year.  We also want to use a gate instead of the green plastic fence we have been using.  Hopefully we will have better luck keeping the pups out  of our veggies.


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  1. Christoph Says:

    love it! sounds just like my dogs!!!!

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