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Bella’s World (Part 2 of 3) July 31, 2012

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Bella’s World

Ahh, here I lay.  Finally Emma found a different spot.  She always has to lay by me.

The carpet is itchy on my fur.  I would really prefer to lay on the couch.  I learned my lesson the hard way when I tried to get up there.  I was terrified I was going out on the curb!  Yikes.  I always get that threat.  I hope it never happens.  I don’t think the man would let it.  They used to let me up on the other couch but not this one.  I don’t know why.  I also can’t find my chair anymore.  I think both went out on the curb!


Now I am right in the middle of all the action.

Look here come the humans.

Whoops the woman almost tripped over me.

Oh well the amount of time she spends at the gym you would think her agility would be better than that.

Yes, the man stops to scratch my belly.

It feels so goooooood  there goes my leg pedaling my imaginary bike.

He has found the spot.  WAIT, why did he stop?

Time for that beverage that makes our house smell yummy.

I think I’ll go lay by his chair now.  Now he’s on that magic thing that he types on.

I know I’ll stick my head in between his hands and the buttons.

Oh fine, he’s pushing me away.  I guess he is busy.

Ok I’ll go find the woman.

She eats really interesting things.  Maybe I will find a crumb.

Better not get to close though.  Last time I got too close I got yelled at.


When the woman feeds me:

I have to stay out of Emma’s way.  She jumps so high.  The vet said she is losing muscle in her hips.  I guess she never saw her jump for her breakfast.  Oh good the woman looked at her.  That got her to stop.  I just want to eat.  Hopefully Emma will stay on the floor so I can eat.  Eww…every time I forget about this pill.  They say it keeps my hair from falling out.  I don’t care it’s still gross.  I remember one time I pretended to eat it and really spit it out on the floor, and the woman came and shoved it down my throat!


When the woman walks me:

I sit and I wait.  Emma jumps around again.  I am always waiting for her to behave.  No wonder I am gray.  The leash goes around my neck and away we go.  I remember when I would go alone with the woman.  I got so many treats.  Now I don’t get so many.  I think it’s because of Emma.  Oh well I now just mosey along and try to keep up.  Emma makes it hard though because she likes to stop and sniff everything.

I usually get roped into sniffing at least one or two things and then the woman gives us the look.

I don’t want to make her mad so I try to stay close to her.

I better pee, ow guess she didn’t see that I wasn’t with her.


When I am outside in the yard:

Now I get to have some fun.  I will have Emma be my lookout so I can sneak into the garden and eat some yummy treats.  Oh brother she is always running around with that frisbee even if there is no one there to throw it for her.  I just stay out of her way.  Sometimes the woman throws the frisbee and it gets to close to me.  I get scared that it’s going to hit me!  I run with my tail between my legs and usually the woman laughs at me.

Stay tuned for Bella’s alter ego, Shaniqua.


Emma’s World (1st in a 3 part series) July 30, 2012

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One of our assignments for the ESWP was to write a piece and then write from another’s point of view.  This is what it’s like in Emma’s world.  Stay tuned for Bella’s world.

Emma’s World

I am waiting for the humans to get up!

Are they up yet?

Why are they sleeping so late?

When the humans finally wake up:


They feed me, walk me and play with me!


Oh boy just the thought and my tail starts going a mile a minute.

Is it time to play yet?

Are we going outside yet?

Can I go see the tomatoes yet?

Wait my back itches….ahh that is better.

Oh wait, where did the humans go?


When the woman feeds me:

TIME TO EAT!!!!!!!!!!!

YES!  WEEEEEE  I jump as high as the ceiling!  Oh no, the look.  Ok I’ll sit.

I just love food so much! I can’t wait to have the first bite.

Please hurry up already!!!!!



When the woman gets me ready for a walk:

TIME FOR A WALK!!!!!!!!!

Oh boy, oh boy!

I jump as high as I can again!  I am so happy!  I love walks!!!!

I get to see birds and cats and other dogs!  I get to sniff the grass and pee at every curb!!! This is the greatest!!!!

Oh no it’s the look again.  Ok I’ll sit.  Yes, I want to go, are you crazy!  Hurry up and put the leash on!!!!! I am sitting as still as I can.  I can’t help that my tail is moving or that my back legs are barely touching the ground.  I wanna go!!!!


When I am outside in the yard:

A bird!! I love birds!!!!

My frisbee!!! I love my frisbee!!!

Tomatoes!!!!!!!! I have to get in the garden!

A squirrel!!  I love squirrels!!

Bella!!!! I love Bella!!

The humans!!!!! I love the humans!!!!!!!


Gym Attire July 29, 2012

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I am a rainbow every time I go to the gym, no joke.  Rarely do my clothes match.  It’s bad.  Maroon shirts find their way on top while pink socks show up on my feet.  Seriously, I have made that choice more times than I would like to admit.  Yesterday, however my neon yellow shirt, gray capris and neon yellow laced gray sneakers all matched.  I didn’t realize the nature of my actions until I made it all the way to the gym.  Based on my observations, people don’t wear bright colors at the gym, and I tend to wear a lot of different colors (not all at once) so I unintentionally stand out any way.  I made the mistake once wearing a pair of light purple sweat pants.  Not only was I chastised for wearing sweat pants, which I didn’t read in the by line of the gym contract that they were a faux pas, but that the color drew attention to me.  One of the ladies commented that she “would never wear a color that drew attention to myself.”  Really, well I love all the attention on me right now with my bright red face because you decided to open your mouth, thank you very much.

I pretty much decided after that conversation, I really didn’t care what I wore to the gym and I really didn’t care what people thought of my clothes.  I get a lot of compliments on my sneakers.  I don’t buy them to be a fashionista rather I buy them for the purpose they were meant for-cross training.  No one compliments my 10-year-old t-shirts (they are from my Y days, and yes they have the year 2002 on them).  Even my husband makes fun of me for continuing to wear them past their prime.  They suit their purpose and I am comfortable.  Half the battle right?

When I show up for Saturday’s Body Pump class in my neon yellow/gray combination, no one made a comment to me.  Did I stand out?  Probably.  There was another girl there with bright lime green shorts, but she had on a black tank top and black sneakers.  I didn’t realize the nature of my actions until Zumba time.  Our instructor decided to turn on the black lights, which she does at times.  I lit up like a Christmas tree.  Oh great this is going to be awesome!  Then the real ass kicker.  She announces that today is National Dance Day and we are going to be videotaping a new dance routine.  How did I get so lucky?   So away we go struggling to learn the new steps, at least we were able to practice a few times before taping.  Just when I start to forget about how matchy I am, one of the ladies says “well I think you are going to be the only one who is visible on that tape.”  Lovely.  I could not think of a witty comeback.  She had a point.  At least most of the choreography was accurate so the viewers of this tape won’t think I am a lost member of the Blue Man group.

So will I wear that outfit again, probably.  If people want to stare, let them.  If people want to make comments, let them.  I go to the gym to sweat, have fun, and push myself.  If I happen to match while I am doing all this consider it a bonus, but trust me I don’t put much thought into what I am wearing.  It just ends up soaking wet any way.


Always Waiting July 28, 2012

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When Chris started his new job, the pups were pathetic.  They would sit and stare at his chair, lay on the deck and stare at the gate, and pace waiting for him to come back.  Thankfully they have settled

Sitting by the chair you always sit in.

Staring, wondering when you will return.

Laying where your feet would be if you were here.

Outside they sit by the fence waiting for the door to open.

When the tires run up the driveway they race to the back door begging for it to open.

Suddenly the whining starts, the yelping, the sounds that make me wonder if they are inured or just really excited.

The gate door opens and they leap into the air.

Jumping, trying to reach the top of your head.

They calm enough for you to pet them, greeting them after being out in the hot fields all day.

They run around your legs.  It’s amazing you don’t trip.

Up the stairs of the deck and into the icy airconditioning.

Finally relief for all.


Musings from the gym July 27, 2012

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I love going to the gym.  I will often spend hours at a time at the gym.  It is my stress release.  However there are times when my stress level increases slightly when other members feel the need to make comments to me.  I keep to myself when I go to the gym.  Occasionally I will say hello to someone or make small talk with the girls who take the same classes I do, but never do I comment on what people are doing or not doing.

Account #1

I had just run 4 miles and went to the gym to take a strength training class.  After class was over, the Zumba instructor along with her class filed in.  Typically I do take this class, but since I ran I felt I had enough cardio for one day.  One of the girls who I have taken Zumba with before sees me getting ready to leave.  She says “Oh are you cheating today?”  I said “No.  I ran before I came to strength training.”  She just kind of looked at me.

What I was really thinking:

Who the hell are you to judge me?  You have no idea what I did before I came here, nor do I owe you any explanation as to why I am leaving “early.”  Mind your own business!

Account #2

I was taking a strength training class in the AM since we had a day off school.  Typically I work out in the evenings but when I am off school I go in the mornings.  I find the classes are equally packed and wonder what all the AM exercisers do for a living.  During one of our sets of exercises the woman next to me has to stop because her weights are so heavy.  Ok, I think to myself whatever.  I am lifting weight that is appropriate for me.  I am not trying to injure myself here.  The next thing I know she is flashing the weight to me to show me that she had to stop because the weight has a higher number on it than mine had.  I just kinda nod my head to indicate I have seen her motion but really want to get back to my work out.

What I was really thinking:

WOW!  Way to go wonderwoman!  You couldn’t finish the set because your weight was so heavy.  Are you proud of yourself?  Last time I checked this was a gym class not the Olympics!  Who gives a shit what you can lift or in your case can’t.

Account #3

After Zumba one Saturday one of the girls I see in the class comes over to me asks me if I am attending a fundraiser the gym is participating in.  I said “No, I didn’t plan to.”  I honestly just didn’t feel like it or spending an afternoon with her.  So she says to me, “Ok well I will facebook you and then if you change your mind we can go together.”  I said “Oh I don’t have a facebook page.”  Well you would have thought I dropped an F-bomb in a church the way she looked at me.  When she came back to Earth, she says, “Oh well do you have a phone?”  Holy shit! This just keeps getting better and better.  Seriously?  I said, “I don’t have a facebook page because I am a teacher.  I don’t want my students searching for me, even though they do.  They tell me all the time they look for me, and yes I have a phone.”  Well as soon as she heard that her whole tune changed.  “Oh yeah, I wouldn’t have a facebook either.”  She went so far as to explain to the people near us that I didn’t have a facebook page because I am a teacher.  I really wanted to tell her to get a life.  Needless to say the next few times she saw me at the gym she didn’t say anything to me.  Oh well, no loss there.


NC Beer Bottle

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The inspiration for this post came from a prompt during the ESWP.  We were to write about an object that had been used.  I thought back to a vacation we took a few summers ago with a bunch of friends.  We rented a beach house in Carolla, North Carolina.  There were ten of us and lots of drama.  One morning Jill and I woke up to see smashed glass everywhere out by the pool.  We never did figure out exactly what happened, but here is one interpretation.

The NC Broken Bottle

The Night Before

This is awesome!  I’m getting passed around.  Everyone is laughing and telling funny stories.  I really enjoyed the one about the girls playing Scrabble.  They always have so much drama.  My friends and I are getting a chance to chest bump regularly. The tall guy finishes drinking me and sets me on the rail.  The next thing I remember is a flat piece of rubber knocking against me and the screaming.

AHHHHHHHH!…and then there I was…and there I was…and there I was.

What the heck happened?  At least I still have the ability to think.  That piece of rubber sent me end over end over end and onto the hard surface next to the pool.  I thought I would end up with a knick taken out of the top of me, but I think some of me actually ended up in the pool.  The girls are not going to like that.  I hope no one tries to swim before they look into the pool.  Hopefully no one will get pushed into the pool tonight.

Here I lie waiting to be swept up.   Judging from all the laughing and slurring it’s going to be awhile.  Great.  I end up as smashed as they are.

The Next Day

Geeze that sun is hot already! My label is starting to peel.  My bottle is beginning to reek of skunky beer.  I just want to be swept up and disposed of properly.  Instead I lay here suffering for everyone to see.  I feel so vulnerable and exposed.    When will someone get up and take care of me?

Oh, yes I hear footsteps.  Oh no I think it’s one of the girls.  I strain my broken neck to try to catch a glimpse.  Ok at least it is the blonde and the one with the ponytail.  If it was the other one I would leak all over myself and try to scrape together some pieces so I don’t look so bad.

After they assess the situation they grab the broom and start sweeping.  The pieces in the pool are going to have to wait.   I climb up on the dustpan and then ride the slide into the trash bag.  I fall in between last night’s chicken bones.

The chicken bones greet me with a grunt as I land on top of and around them.  I also notice pieces of a broken bowl that sliced the girl with the ponytail’s leg open.  I really think she was overreacting a bit.  Seriously who has a panic attack over a scratch?

“Wow.  What happened to you?”

“Fell from the deck rail.  All three stories.”

“Ouch.  Sounds like that hurt.”

“Yeah who would have thought that a little push could cause such damage.”

“Well at least you’re safe here with us.”

“The ordeal is over but I have a feeling I am going to have nightmares for awhile. The falling and the screaming.  I just can’t get the images and sounds out of my head.”

“Well the music might help you take your mind off things.  These people sure are wild but they do have good taste in music. Once it starts playing you will forget about all your problems.”

“I hope you are right.  For now I am just happy to get out of the sun.  I was really starting to stink out there.”

“Good thing you ended up in here.  We all stink.”


The guys were up pretty late drinking and having fun.  The next day they had a golf trip.  It was an exciting round to say the least.  When we got home Chris’ clubs went right to the garage.  A few months later he was getting ready for another round of golf.  While he was cleaning his bag out he discovered a banana.  He explained that he put it in his bag the morning of the golf outing in NC but ended up not eating it.  Thankfully he did not eat it that day either.


Pictures of the pups

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Emma, the look out.


Bella, the mastermind.