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Boot camp update July 16, 2014

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More supplies rolling in:)

Justin’s Almond butter in Honey and Classic.

Quest Bars in Cinnamon Bun

Artisana Almond and coconut butter and coconut oil.

I also got my Square Reader so I can now accept credit cards as well as cash and checks:)  2014-07-14 13.48.36 2014-07-15 14.58.17 2014-07-15 15.44.24 2014-07-15 15.54.44


Stay tuned for more:) 


Boot camp happenings July 14, 2014

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Supplies have been coming in!  Thanks to some awesome companies:)  Boot camp is still a few weeks away, so if you’d like to train before camp here some times this week I can meet you.

Monday PM only

Tuesday your choice of times

Wednesday your choice of times

Thursday your choice of times

Friday PM only

We can train wherever you like.  $20/ hour.

Quest Bars and Plant Fusion rock!  Visit: for your two free bars today!









Cookies N Creme and Vanilla:)  YUM YUM!


Busy as a bee July 5, 2014

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Yesterday was a rare opportunity for me to go to work with my husband.  Usually I do not find his work interesting enough and I end up falling asleep while he drives.  Or I end up seasick from all the starting and stopping he does as he drives from field to field looking for bugs.  Yesterday, when he told me he had “just a short run” of 10 fields.  I said I would go along.  He looked for bugs and I busy plotting.  

I bought an LLC in January and recently bought insurance so that I could do personally training on my own.  The school that I was teaching fitness classes in during the school year, did not want anyone in it over the summer due to the cleaning schedule.  I get it, everyone is busy and has their job to do.  So I did the next best thing and bought insurance so I could work with the teachers on my own.  They mentioned prior to summer break they would be interested in training over the summer.  The idea of working with my colleagues snowballed into a much bigger idea, running a boot camp right before school starts.  So I am in the early planning stages of this event, which I am hoping will not be the last because it has been a blast to plan so far.  I really hope everyone likes what I have planned:)

In the mean time, gotta stay busy as a bee to make everything perfect.  Oh and here’s some pics from our adventures from yesterday.



Emma’s Birthday July 4, 2014

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Back in March, I posted my fitness buddy Bella was turning nine.  She is still as playful as she was when we got her as a puppy, just a little grayer.  Today, my other fitness buddy Emma turns nine.  She is still as playful, but her tolerance level for my nonsense has gotten much smaller.

Some pics of my other favorite pup.

Here’s to another nine more!


Your momma raised you right July 1, 2014

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This past week I have heard this statement twice and it got me thinking.  Yeah, my mom really did raise me right.  As did my grandparents and my dad.

The first time I heard this, I was at an inservice.  It’s a myth that teachers have off in the summer.  I pulled out my salad while everyone else headed for whatever was brought in.  No biggie.  I am used to this.  I bring my lunch all the time.  As I was opening the lid to the container of my salad, the presenter walks by and says, “Your momma raised you right.”  I took this to mean I eat my vegetables because my mom served them to me when I was growing up.  I smiled and said, “Yes she did.”  The whole situation made me flashback to pulling weeds on the farm every summer, wiping sweat as I went row after row hoping not to step on a snake.  My grandparents, who lived right up the road from my parents, took care of my sister, cousin and me, while our parents went to work.  They had a huge garden, modestly sized patch, and a field of sweet corn which grew enough produce for our family, theirs, and my cousin’s.  Eventually they grew so much corn, we had the chance to sell it in front of their house.  If we picked it, we could sell it, and keep the money we made.  We took turns, and I don’t ever recall there being a fight about whose turn it was.  We just rotated.  Though I hated pulling the weeds, I loved almost everything that came from the garden and the patch except the bugs.

The second thingI thought of when I was eating my salad was HAVING to eat the vegetables.  Because my grandparents gave us so much produce, we usually heard “Do you know how hard Grammy and Poppy worked to get these vegetables to grow?  Now eat them.”  Things like asparagus, broccoli and green beans were regulars on our dinner plates.  I was not a fan back then, but sure love them today.  I recall one night sitting at the table long after everyone had finished staring at some pickled beets.  Oh boy.  That smell, that color-bright purple!  To me they tasted like dirt.  Finally after becoming cemented to the chair, I plugged my nose and ate them as fast as I could.  I’m still not a fan of pickled beets, but I do like them grilled.

Yesterday while I was at the gym, I noticed a towel on the machine I was getting ready to use.  I politely asked the woman next to me if the towel was her’s and she said no.  So I took it and put it in the dirty towel bin.  When I came back to the machine, I noticed the woman was done with her exercises, and I told her I was concerned about what the area would look like once the gym changed to staying opened 24 hours.  I had visions of coming in and there being dirty towels everywhere and empty water bottles laying around.  She said it is like that at the Y she goes to.  The girl who opens in the morning is constantly having to clean up after others.  As I am putting my weights away after using them, she said, “Our mothers raised us right.”  I took this to mean we put things back when we are done with them.

The woman left shortly after that conversation, and I had a flashback to cleaning my room at my parents’ house.  Growing up, my sister I were expected to have our rooms perfectly cleaned.  Toys, books, clothes, and shoes needed to be put in their place.  Once a week our mom would remind us to clean our rooms.  Things were to be picked up and put away, and not stuffed into the closet or shoved under the bed.  I recall my mom getting so frustrated with us for not cleaning our rooms, that she came up the stairs with a trash bag threatening to throw everything away that was still out of its place.  We moved like lightning putting toys back in the toy box, hanging up clothes, and making our beds.  Eventually she made her way back downstairs, and we realized we could breathe again.  Our things were safe for another week.

Little moments like pulling weeds, sitting at the table until all the vegetables are gone, and cleaning a room at a record pace are what helped develop my character and work ethic.  I still hate pulling weeds, but will in our deck boxes.  I love eating most vegetables.  Fennel, I have tried you many ways.  Licorice is not my thing.  My house is probably is as neat as it’s going to get with two dogs and a husband who still thinks he’s 12.  I do know I have the best family, who has always supported me no matter what.  Even if a threat or two was issued, the job still got done.



That something new:) June 30, 2014

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Back in January, I alluded to something new coming in 2014.  I am really excited to announce:


My personal training business and website.  Right now just getting the word out about what I can offer to people is the focus.  I have a nice group that I already train at the Y, so I am not looking to leave there.  I am interested in doing more personal training either out of my home or traveling to client’s homes.  

I had so much fun this past school year working with the teachers after school and seeing everyone’s progress, that I decided to buy an LLC and get insurance so I can do more:) One teacher I worked with has lost almost 100 pounds.  She looks amazing.  She changed the way she’s eating and had perfect attendance this year with the classes I taught.  Another teacher was showcasing how many pull ups and pushups she can do, PERFECTLY!  I am in awe of her, and with practice hope I can get there.   Our school nurse is my favorite success story:)  She was skeptical about trying any of the exercises I was showing the group.  She walked when others ran, looked at me like I was crazy when I told her we were going to do push ups, and thought I was even crazier when I said we were going to do pull ups.  She did everything to the best of her ability, and by the end of the year she was excited to come to class and curious to see what I had in store for everyone.  She thanked me so many times for everything, all the pushing and encouraging.  She has completely changed her outlook.  She joined the Y and works out there as much as she can.  I had the pleasure of seeing her dance the night away at a wedding I attended this weekend.  The bride, who was in my fitness classes also, told me she had to have her dress taken in thanks to all my classes.  

I am a big believer in signs and really listening to what people are saying.  I think there could be something here, and I won’t know unless I try.  I am really excited and of course nervous, but I will never know what could have been if I never take the chance.  

Confidently Fit LLC is more than just personal training.  It stands for empowering people and giving them the chance to do something amazing they didn’t think they could.  It stands for giving people courage, know-how, practice and patience.  Here’s the link to the website: Stop by and check it out:) 


June Foodie Pen Pal Reveal

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This month’s pen pal was Kacey from Arkansas.  She writes the blog Crafty Zoo, which can be found at this link:  She is also on Twitter under the same name (Crafty Zoo) if you’d like to follow her.

Here’s what she sent:



Quite a variety of things:) 

Microwave popcorn with a kettle corn flavor add on, roasted red peppers, oatmeal, tea, trailmix, a Kind bar, protein powder, bubble gum, fig preserves, Mole, and a spice blend.  Lots of interesting things to try:) 

Thanks again Kacey!

I also had a chance to make those popsicles using the mold my pen pal gave me last month.  They turned out great, and this is a treat that even my hubby liked.   I made this treat with coconut water and frozen blueberries.  I filled the molds about 2/3 of the way with the coconut water and then added about 2-3 tsp. of blueberries.  Filled them perfectly without overflowing:)



Next up we want to try peaches or plums.  So I am thinking I will whip them in the blender first and then pour into the molds.  

If you’d like to join in the fun for July, please visit: